Linea Nuova is a Peruvian jewelry company founded in 1981, having so far more than 30 year of silver and gold jewelry manufacturing expertise.

Our factory of 3800 sq. m. is equipped with sophisticated Italian machinery under the control of a select group of well trained jeweler technicians. Our prime quality products, the timely delivery of orders, the competitive labor prices we offer and the uniqueness of our designs have allowed us to enter the international market successfully.

Linea Nuova is focused on the gold and silver jewelry manufacturing in large scale. Gold products can be produced in different karatages as well as sterling silver according to our customer’s requirements.

ecofriendly2Linea Nuova products are “eco-friendly” because all the raw materials as well as the different production processes have been planned and supervised to have minimal impact on the environment, thus Linea Nuova has become the first South American jewelry factory which assumes a commitment to the environment.