Linea Nuova jewelry production is usually made of gold and silver. As to gold production, Linea Nuova is able to supply gold jewelry in the different karatages which the international market demands such as: 21kt, 18kt, 14kt and 10kt in white, yellow or rose color. Our sterling silver jewelry fits also a very high quality being sold with rhodium plated for the US and European market and as silver itself for the South American market.

Linea Nuova jewelry has in its finishing its commercial identification. The high polish of its product which gives an exceptional brightness, its hand-made satin, or the different diamond cut designs on its products makes a Linea Nuova jewel easily identifiable for the client and unique in the market.

Linea Nuova ensures the purity of its products by a guarantee certificate as well as with a stamping assay tag on them.



Linea Nuova takes into consideration that the raw material used in the production of its jewelry comes from legal companies which give environmental certification for the raw materials they sold.

We also honor the labor laws in force and are against children exploitation from illegal mining.



Linea Nuova boasts a wide variety of products which can be manufacture in gold and silver Thanks to its latest generation machinery, Linea Nuova is able to offer to its customers the following merchandise:

  • Hand-made solid and hollow rope chain in different gauges.
  • Solid machine chain in different gauges and designs.
  • Stamping products: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and Anklets.
  • Casting products: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings.
  • Manipulated Products: Mixed products (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets) combined with either stamping or casting pieces with handmade rope chain or machine chain.
Linea Nuova