Linea Nuova offers the following services to all its clients:

Jewelry Cleaning

Time runs and all jewelry are exposed to environment corrosive agents who frequently cause loss of brightness on your jewel. Linea Nuova has the expertise and appropriate machinery for jewelry cleaning bringing back the original brightness to your jewel.


Linea Nuova has its own metal refinery. All gold and silver scraps can be melting and returned to their owners with 99.97% purity in gold and 99.90% purity in silver.


Linea Nuova offers 24kt gold plating service on Silver, Bronze and Copper whether it can be just a “flush” or a microns plating. Rhodium plating on Silver or White Gold is also available to our clients.

Dies Manufacturing

Linea Nuova manufactures Steel dies for hollow jewelry as well as punches for logos stamping.
Heavy die- casting for industries and lathe service are also being offered in the local market for Linea Nuova.


Sheet lamination services up to 0.010mm thickness on Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper are being doing by Linea Nuova.

Wire drawing of Gold, Silver and Copper is a complementary service too.


Linea Nuova is capable to manufacture welding service. It includes wire solder and plate solder production.

Jewelry Components and
Accessories Manufacturing

Linea Nuova makes available to its customers a large and assorted collection of stamp components which will help jewelers in the elaboration of their jewelry designs. We also manufacture finishing accessories such us: lobster claws, ending cups, pinzettas, ear nuts, ear posts, etc.